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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

I am the Queen of the Universe, bow down before me! 

Wait, what do you mean I didn't get the job?  I have all the qualifications!  I am the Queen of my home, why not the rest of the universe?  Oh fine, then be that way! 

I'll just stay the Queen of the Neuferland Zoo and you will still bow down before me when you come into my home!

What?  What do you mean you won't bow down before me?  It's my ZOO!  Oh fine, then at least go check these links below and buy something if anything catches your eye! And spread the word to all your friends, family, enemies, frenemies, total strangers, twitter feeds, facebook friends, myspace friends and anyone else you can think of, kay? :)

For now I will forgive your insolence in not bowing down to my greatness but don't push my patience too far! :)

As you can probably tell, I'm feeling a little better.  I still have moments and sometimes days, like yesterday, I was just on edge for no real reason but I have good people who help remind me about the important things in life, like my kids, my health, my well being.  It's all good and will continue to be that way. 

As for a job, while I probably won't be getting a call for Queen of the Universe anytime soon, I am still looking.  It's not easy, between my back and my inability to either sit nor stand for long periods or not being able to pick up more than 20 pounds without it screaming bloody murder at me, it makes the pickings slim and then I'm competing with 50 other people for the same position.  It's disheartening when you put out 20 applications and don't even get one call back.  I'm over qualified for most jobs and don't even get a chance to explain but hey, whatcha gonna do?  Smile and move on to the next application.

I do miss the days of walking into a business, shaking someone's hand and talking to them face to face and that being a BIG part of your application before you even looked at a paper one.  Oh well, again, such is life.

I do have two stores over at Cafe Press, will possibly be adding more as I find more pictures and such.  If I can get these two up and running I might be able to upgrade them and get everything into one shop, that would be nice! :)

So please, go check them out, tell me what you think and for the two lovely people that actually read this blog, thank you! :)

Fabulously Fit Facebookers Official Store

Positive Mental Attitude Page!

You all have a great day and if I don't see you before the weekend is out, Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!  Have a safe and exciting weekend!!!


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