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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About Yesterday

Yes, I got a little hot under the collar.  I was writing to release my fustration from being stuck in this classroom and despite my musings here, I still ended up going ballistic on everyone in here yesterday.  I should apologize for my behavior but I'm not going to at this point.  I have today and tomorrow to deal with this and then I'm done and if my tirade yesterday gets them to keep their mouths shut on politics and such, all that much better.  I will apologize for my behavior only tomorrow before I leave for the last time. 

On a more positive note, I measured myself this morning and I have lost an inch off my belly area!  WOOT!  I started another 30 day challenge this morning and upped the intensity to medium from easy and it was a bit harder but I did sweat and finished all the exercises!  So GO ME! 

Something I was thinking about on the way to school this morning and it's been discussed before is how hard it can be to express what you are really feeling online or in writing.  Sometimes you can't tell is someone is joking or being sarcastic and it boils down to once again, how people view things.  We can all look at the same exact situation and come up with different opinions and ideas about what happened or what is going to happen, even though we all looked at the exact same thing.  It's just human nature.

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