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Monday, March 22, 2010


Seriously, if one more person goes off about socialism and health care to me, I'm going to get in their face so damn fast and bitch slap them, I swear to what ever God you want to believe in.

Okay, I feel better now.  Why the outburst?  Because health care reform was needed in a desperate way in this country and we finally get a group of politicians who aren't afraid to stand up, be counted and say, "Let's start fixing this before it's too late!"

And for those of you who are boo hooing that you now have to get insurance through your employer but can't afford it, well, cut out the freaking coffee at Starbucks every morning, cut some other expenses and get over it.  I know how expensive it can be.  I had insurance through my employers for several years in the past and it's crazy expensive, but having had to go through a medical bankruptcy because we didn't have insurance and didn't qualify for any from the state or federal government I also know how devistating and expensive it can be when you have nothing and that was 17 years ago, I can't imagine what it would cost today.

If you read the information, you aren't being forced to get insurance.  You will only be fined if you don't have, need it and then try to get the government to pick up your tab through state plans or Medicaid, Medicare instead of having it in the first place. 

There are no death panels and if you truly believe that there will be, put your aluminum foil hat back on, head down to your basement and hide because otherwise the aliens are going to suck all your brain cells from you and leave you an ignorant idiot, oh wait, they already seem to have done that.  Wake up and grow up people!

I thank NYS for having a program in place for me and my kids that we can use so that I don't have to worry or make the decision if I can afford to take them to the doctor or now.  And now maybe their dad can get something since he can't get it through his employer since he only works part time and doesn't currently qualify for any insurance because of either pre-existing conditions (funky ticker) or income limits.  Terry is currently in the cracks of the system, has to pay for his own blood tests, medications and if something major were to happen to him, he'd be up a creek without a paddle once again.

I hope I can get a job that has insurance available for me and the kids, I hope I can get off the state insurance soon, I hope for a lot of things, but one of the biggest things I hope for is that ignorant people will wake up, realize we are NOT headed towards socialism and if the current health care system and insurance system we have in place is go DAMN GREAT, then why is more than 1/2 of America uninsured and unable to get insurance either due to outragous costs or pre-existing conditions?  Everyone deserves to be able to see a doctor, get help and be healthy!

And for the record, I just finished my first 30 day challenge with EA Fitness so I'm taking the baby steps to get myself back in shape and healthy.  What are you doing?


  1. Not even going to get into this conversation with you ... Mom

  2. Nope, just needed to vent, the women I am in class with are driving me nuts, I finally snapped today and went off on them as well. More as a way to get them to shut up and just let the rest of us finish what we are working on or just get out of there in one piece. The woman in front of me is also a Boy Scout Troup Leader and she started in on how great they are and I went off on her as well. They are so great they keep perversion files on Scout Masters and don't bother turning them over to the authorities. One guy just went from state to state, using the same name and getting away with abusing the boys. Between that and their "No Homosexual" Pack Leader policy ...............just don't get me started. Okay, all better now. :) Back to life :)

  3. That has nothing to do with how you went off here...I do agree there is a reason for that with the women in class..but we will not go into anything else..Mom


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