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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh and......

I got the corner to myself again, hehehe.  Evidently I bothered the woman next to me so much yesterday that she decided to move to another seat.  All I did was actually talk to the woman in front of me about kids and discipline and I think it really offended her that I would even "threaten" to spank my children in public (not that I ever had to actually follow through on it) but she is of the school, "YOU NEVER TOUCH THE CHILD" and as a result you have obnoxious children running the joint.  I don't think you should beat your children, I don't even like spanking but when you have tried every other tactic and they still are not listening and still misbehaving, a small tap on the butt gets their attention faster than anything. 

As for children who misbehave in public, you know the ones, the screaming, crying, throwing a tantrum kids and the parents just sit there and do NOTHING about it, do us all a favor. Pick up the child and remove them from the place of business.  Maybe you can handle a screaming child for more than 15 minutes, but I can't and believe you me that if you don't get that child under control and soon or remove that child from the situation that is causing that child to have a fit, therefore ruining everyone else's environment, then I will get the manager or owner and get your ass thrown out.

And for the managers, owners and people who let these people stay and do nothing until someone complains, if I do have to actually take my time to get up, find you and lodge a complaint, I can pretty much guarantee you that it will be the last time you see me.

Okay, done for now,  I get to go see Elmo Grows Up with my son today.  We have a date! :)

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