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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why is it?

Everytime I think I want to have the "better" life, you know, the one where you have the beautiful home, the lovely friends, the social life, the one where everything is so wonderful, I get that dose of reality that either shows me just how NOT "beautiful" they are inside and it's all about appearances?  Funny how that works. 

Everytime I start getting a little too big for my britches as they say, try to be someone I'm not, I get reminded that I'm okay just as I am and who I am.  That I don't need to be one of the "beautiful" people, that I don't have to have the perfect home, the big yard and the fancy car.  That I'm extremely lucky to have what I do have, three great kids who don't drink, do drugs, stay out all night or skip school.  A soon to be ex-husband who is still extremely supportive and helpful in any way he can and in the grand scheme of things, I may be in the middle or lower middle on the ladder as they say but you know what?  I like it here, no grand expectations from me and I can enjoy what I have and appreciate who I am.

A friend recently wrote on Facebook:  "I am not always nice.  I am not always gracious. But dammit, I try to be kind."  Everyone should try to be kind.

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