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Monday, March 8, 2010

Totally Random thinking

Okay, on the way into school today I had stopped to get some water bottles (which I will return after school because I really don't need them) and was once again assaulted with The Bachelor and why he picked who he picked.  I have never watched this show, never intend to watch the show and could really care less to tell the truth but it's hard not to hear about it when everywhere you turn people are crying because he picked the wrong girl.  Now, I will admit to watching small bits during the final episode because I was trying to find out who was going to be on Dancing With the Stars but finally gave up because after about 30 seconds of the utter and complete crap that was coming out of everyone's mouth, I just DVR'd it and fast forwarded TO the commercials. 

But my thought is basically this, if you are constantly defending your actions and choices to just about everyone you meet, isn't that a bit of a red flag?  I mean seriously, when you have to shout out to the world, "I DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE!" and still, no one is listening.......................I know someone like that personally and I made the same comment to them, "If everyone you know and love is telling you the exact same thing, people who don't even know each other or talk to each other but your friends and family are ALL SAYING THE EXACT SAME thing about your mate, doesn't that tell you something?"  But some people have to learn the hard way or maybe they just don't care.

Next random thought, Sandra Bullock!  YEEEEEEHAAAAAAWWWW!  She was wonderful last night.  I was so glad she won!  And the lady who won best director and best film, by the second Oscar you could tell she was just trying to stay on her feet and avoid either vomiting from nerves or fainting, LOL!  It was great!  And when Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin came out at the end and grabbed her I thought she was literally going to jump out of her skin, LOL!  She was just dazed, it was great to see. :)

Next randomness today, I applied for a civil service exam for a Beginning Clerical Worker position.  It's in May and we shall see how we do.  I want to pass and do well, but I don't want to be offered a job in another city or the big city for that matter.  But then again, at the rate this state if falling apart, I may not have to worry about it at all, LOL!  I swear, the whole NY Government is ready to implode on itself, it's rather fun watching, but sad at the same time.  I was accused, okay, to strong a word, I was thought to be innocent on the ways of politics but the truth is, I am very aware and just choose not to really get into that much unless it's something that really bothers me.  I watch, I listen, I laugh, I cry, it's all part of the game and we get our say on election day. 

Last random thought for today, optiplex gs650.

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