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Thank you for calling, er, I mean, thank you for reading the mad thoughts of me. If you are wondering just what the mad means, be it, ANGRY mad or CRAZY mad, well, that will probably just depend on my mood and what I'm rambling on about. Most of what you will read will be unedited, straight from my head to my keyboard and to your eyes so should I offend, upset or anger you, by all means, yell at me through the screen, leave me angry comments and feel better for doing so. I promise never to respond as I have found it's just not worth my time to respond to angry people I have never met. :) Have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010





Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About Yesterday

Yes, I got a little hot under the collar.  I was writing to release my fustration from being stuck in this classroom and despite my musings here, I still ended up going ballistic on everyone in here yesterday.  I should apologize for my behavior but I'm not going to at this point.  I have today and tomorrow to deal with this and then I'm done and if my tirade yesterday gets them to keep their mouths shut on politics and such, all that much better.  I will apologize for my behavior only tomorrow before I leave for the last time. 

On a more positive note, I measured myself this morning and I have lost an inch off my belly area!  WOOT!  I started another 30 day challenge this morning and upped the intensity to medium from easy and it was a bit harder but I did sweat and finished all the exercises!  So GO ME! 

Something I was thinking about on the way to school this morning and it's been discussed before is how hard it can be to express what you are really feeling online or in writing.  Sometimes you can't tell is someone is joking or being sarcastic and it boils down to once again, how people view things.  We can all look at the same exact situation and come up with different opinions and ideas about what happened or what is going to happen, even though we all looked at the exact same thing.  It's just human nature.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Seriously, if one more person goes off about socialism and health care to me, I'm going to get in their face so damn fast and bitch slap them, I swear to what ever God you want to believe in.

Okay, I feel better now.  Why the outburst?  Because health care reform was needed in a desperate way in this country and we finally get a group of politicians who aren't afraid to stand up, be counted and say, "Let's start fixing this before it's too late!"

And for those of you who are boo hooing that you now have to get insurance through your employer but can't afford it, well, cut out the freaking coffee at Starbucks every morning, cut some other expenses and get over it.  I know how expensive it can be.  I had insurance through my employers for several years in the past and it's crazy expensive, but having had to go through a medical bankruptcy because we didn't have insurance and didn't qualify for any from the state or federal government I also know how devistating and expensive it can be when you have nothing and that was 17 years ago, I can't imagine what it would cost today.

If you read the information, you aren't being forced to get insurance.  You will only be fined if you don't have, need it and then try to get the government to pick up your tab through state plans or Medicaid, Medicare instead of having it in the first place. 

There are no death panels and if you truly believe that there will be, put your aluminum foil hat back on, head down to your basement and hide because otherwise the aliens are going to suck all your brain cells from you and leave you an ignorant idiot, oh wait, they already seem to have done that.  Wake up and grow up people!

I thank NYS for having a program in place for me and my kids that we can use so that I don't have to worry or make the decision if I can afford to take them to the doctor or now.  And now maybe their dad can get something since he can't get it through his employer since he only works part time and doesn't currently qualify for any insurance because of either pre-existing conditions (funky ticker) or income limits.  Terry is currently in the cracks of the system, has to pay for his own blood tests, medications and if something major were to happen to him, he'd be up a creek without a paddle once again.

I hope I can get a job that has insurance available for me and the kids, I hope I can get off the state insurance soon, I hope for a lot of things, but one of the biggest things I hope for is that ignorant people will wake up, realize we are NOT headed towards socialism and if the current health care system and insurance system we have in place is go DAMN GREAT, then why is more than 1/2 of America uninsured and unable to get insurance either due to outragous costs or pre-existing conditions?  Everyone deserves to be able to see a doctor, get help and be healthy!

And for the record, I just finished my first 30 day challenge with EA Fitness so I'm taking the baby steps to get myself back in shape and healthy.  What are you doing?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ugh!  I feel so crappy right now but not crappy, ya know?  I've got the beginning of a headache but not quite and I kind of ache all over, but not really.  It's so strange.  I started my period so I'm attributing part of the aches to that and I still did my EA Fitness this morning so part of it's from that I'm sure.  Just feeling a little wore down overall.  But I'm very proud of myself for still doing my exercises this morning despite feeling like doodoo.

Ellie had me practice her Spanish with her last night and this morning, I'm sure I completely mangled the words but it helped cuz she got a 100 on her quiz!  WOOT for her!  Very proud of her!

And Melissa had a bit of an emergency the other day that would have sent her over the edge in the past but she handled it with a maturity that I had not seen before and even a bit of humor!  WOOT for Melissa!  Very proud of her as well!

James is still the sweetest boy on earth and I'm always proud of him as well as his sisters! :)

Going to go home soon and just curl up on the couch and watch the kids do their EA Fitness and  then watch some TV and just relax tonight.  No running around, no appointments, just relaxing..........

Really, seriously?

I just have to comment on this whole Eric Massa mess and that is just what it is, a hot mess.  Last night he admitted to groping male aides but not in a sexual manner.  And admitted to having "tickle" fights with them and they piling up on top of him.  Made some comment to the tune of he just never really got out of Navy mode when he went to the Senate.

Okay, I had two brothers in the Navy and for some reason the idea of "tickle" fights happening on a ship just seem, well silly!

Many New Yorkers are ashamed to say they are from the state right now because of all the stuff going on, not me.  Since I'm not really from here, LOL!  But the truth of the matter is I'm just cracking up everytime Massa opens his mouth.  The guy is clearly lost and has not a clue.  Said he was to familier with his staff?  Really?  Seriously?  OMFG, even I know you don't do half the crap he did if you're in Washington.

And if he honestly thought he was going to "change" the way Washington works, in his freshman year and he was going to accomplish so much, really, seriously? 

I think what happened is he saw how much Hillary Clinton was able to do her first time in the Senate and for some odd reason thought he would be able to do the same or have the same power.  The difference between Hillary and Eric is pretty basic stuff.  She was a freshman senator with TONS OF POWERFUL connections when she walked into the door.  She had more power than most of the sitting senators simply because of her previous address, you remember the one, on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC?  Yeah, Massa walked in with nothing. Absolutely nothing to offer and thought he could just start making waves and doing whatever he wanted.  It doesn't work that way.

I've been told I can be clueless on how politics works.  I fully aware of how politics work but the only thing I can do about it is cast my vote on election day.  What happens in between elections, I will leave to the experts, I will write letters, make a phone call if needed if I see something that is truly important to me, but otherwise, let the machine work.

Okay, that's enough for now. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Totally Random thinking

Okay, on the way into school today I had stopped to get some water bottles (which I will return after school because I really don't need them) and was once again assaulted with The Bachelor and why he picked who he picked.  I have never watched this show, never intend to watch the show and could really care less to tell the truth but it's hard not to hear about it when everywhere you turn people are crying because he picked the wrong girl.  Now, I will admit to watching small bits during the final episode because I was trying to find out who was going to be on Dancing With the Stars but finally gave up because after about 30 seconds of the utter and complete crap that was coming out of everyone's mouth, I just DVR'd it and fast forwarded TO the commercials. 

But my thought is basically this, if you are constantly defending your actions and choices to just about everyone you meet, isn't that a bit of a red flag?  I mean seriously, when you have to shout out to the world, "I DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE!" and still, no one is listening.......................I know someone like that personally and I made the same comment to them, "If everyone you know and love is telling you the exact same thing, people who don't even know each other or talk to each other but your friends and family are ALL SAYING THE EXACT SAME thing about your mate, doesn't that tell you something?"  But some people have to learn the hard way or maybe they just don't care.

Next random thought, Sandra Bullock!  YEEEEEEHAAAAAAWWWW!  She was wonderful last night.  I was so glad she won!  And the lady who won best director and best film, by the second Oscar you could tell she was just trying to stay on her feet and avoid either vomiting from nerves or fainting, LOL!  It was great!  And when Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin came out at the end and grabbed her I thought she was literally going to jump out of her skin, LOL!  She was just dazed, it was great to see. :)

Next randomness today, I applied for a civil service exam for a Beginning Clerical Worker position.  It's in May and we shall see how we do.  I want to pass and do well, but I don't want to be offered a job in another city or the big city for that matter.  But then again, at the rate this state if falling apart, I may not have to worry about it at all, LOL!  I swear, the whole NY Government is ready to implode on itself, it's rather fun watching, but sad at the same time.  I was accused, okay, to strong a word, I was thought to be innocent on the ways of politics but the truth is, I am very aware and just choose not to really get into that much unless it's something that really bothers me.  I watch, I listen, I laugh, I cry, it's all part of the game and we get our say on election day. 

Last random thought for today, optiplex gs650.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

:( I didn't get the job

:(  Oh well, got the letter of rejection today.  I didn't expect to get it so it doesn't really bother me that much.  The interview was okay but kinda went south at the end and when I had walked out of there I had a feeling it was a basically blown deal.  So the Board of Elections will not be seeing my smiling face as a regular employee though I may still go check out the volunteer program for helping with the voters on election day.  I can still do that. :)

And I've been doing the EA Fitness 30 day challenge for 2 weeks now and my energy level is so much higher.  I try to do them in the morning before the kids get up and what a difference it makes in my day!  So far today I've done 3 loads of laundry, cleaned Melissa's room, James's room, swept and mopped the kitchen, bathroom and dining room, scrubbed down the bathroom, picked up the living room, ran the vac over the rugs, cleaned the couches, fed all the animals, gave them fresh water, gave Sammi and Lolli baths and now I'm gonna finish up the laundry, fix some lunch and then maybe just relax until James comes home, then I gotta run again! :)

So, no job yet, but the month is young, yes? 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


If you ever get a chance to go see Sesame Street Live, I highly reccommend it!  Terry and I took James today and he just about jumped out of his skin when Big Bird and Elmo came out.  It was more fun watching him than the show at times but the show was fantastic.

The message of friendship was very strong and supporting each other.  The songs and entire show was very upbeat and highly motivational.  James had a blast, I had a blast with James and Terry, well, let's just say he survived, LOL! :)

And three posts in one day!  WOW! :)

Oh and......

I got the corner to myself again, hehehe.  Evidently I bothered the woman next to me so much yesterday that she decided to move to another seat.  All I did was actually talk to the woman in front of me about kids and discipline and I think it really offended her that I would even "threaten" to spank my children in public (not that I ever had to actually follow through on it) but she is of the school, "YOU NEVER TOUCH THE CHILD" and as a result you have obnoxious children running the joint.  I don't think you should beat your children, I don't even like spanking but when you have tried every other tactic and they still are not listening and still misbehaving, a small tap on the butt gets their attention faster than anything. 

As for children who misbehave in public, you know the ones, the screaming, crying, throwing a tantrum kids and the parents just sit there and do NOTHING about it, do us all a favor. Pick up the child and remove them from the place of business.  Maybe you can handle a screaming child for more than 15 minutes, but I can't and believe you me that if you don't get that child under control and soon or remove that child from the situation that is causing that child to have a fit, therefore ruining everyone else's environment, then I will get the manager or owner and get your ass thrown out.

And for the managers, owners and people who let these people stay and do nothing until someone complains, if I do have to actually take my time to get up, find you and lodge a complaint, I can pretty much guarantee you that it will be the last time you see me.

Okay, done for now,  I get to go see Elmo Grows Up with my son today.  We have a date! :)

Why is it?

Everytime I think I want to have the "better" life, you know, the one where you have the beautiful home, the lovely friends, the social life, the one where everything is so wonderful, I get that dose of reality that either shows me just how NOT "beautiful" they are inside and it's all about appearances?  Funny how that works. 

Everytime I start getting a little too big for my britches as they say, try to be someone I'm not, I get reminded that I'm okay just as I am and who I am.  That I don't need to be one of the "beautiful" people, that I don't have to have the perfect home, the big yard and the fancy car.  That I'm extremely lucky to have what I do have, three great kids who don't drink, do drugs, stay out all night or skip school.  A soon to be ex-husband who is still extremely supportive and helpful in any way he can and in the grand scheme of things, I may be in the middle or lower middle on the ladder as they say but you know what?  I like it here, no grand expectations from me and I can enjoy what I have and appreciate who I am.

A friend recently wrote on Facebook:  "I am not always nice.  I am not always gracious. But dammit, I try to be kind."  Everyone should try to be kind.