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Thank you for calling, er, I mean, thank you for reading the mad thoughts of me. If you are wondering just what the mad means, be it, ANGRY mad or CRAZY mad, well, that will probably just depend on my mood and what I'm rambling on about. Most of what you will read will be unedited, straight from my head to my keyboard and to your eyes so should I offend, upset or anger you, by all means, yell at me through the screen, leave me angry comments and feel better for doing so. I promise never to respond as I have found it's just not worth my time to respond to angry people I have never met. :) Have a nice day!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yeah ME!

Today was the first day since we started the EA Fitness 30 day challenge on our Wii that I was able to complete the ENTIRE workout, including squats!  WOOT!!! :)

I was sweating when I was done but I did it, even hit 9 out of 9 tricks on the inline skating on the first run!  I was the first one to be able to do all 9 tricks!  WOOT!!!!

I feel better about this and really feel motivated for the first time since starting.  It's a great feeling when you are able to complete an entire workout!  For the first time in my life I have broken the 300 pound barrier, not by much mind you but it happened and to me it's the wake up call to start moving more.  So now we are getting ready to go sledding, I will not go down the hill, but I will get outside and move.  SO I watch my baby and take pictures, cuz he's just so darn cute!!! :)

So I have to go now, you all have a great day!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What was I thinking?

Today was a snow day.  So Ellie asked if a few friends could come over and I said, "Sure, your dad can pick them up on the his way home from work."

I forget just how much my nice quiet, sweet Ellie comes out of her shell when she's around her friends that she's really comfortable with.  But it was fun to watch at the same time.  To see her laughing and being silly and goofy was well worth all the noise.

Candice came by today as well and commented how nice the house looked.  Asked if I did any special cleaning and I told her, "Nope, this the result from our daily chore chart cleaning."  So it is working and I'm no longer afraid to have someone come to my house unannounced. :)

We have been doing our EA Sports Workouts, all four of us, we are doing the 30 day challenge and today I only skipped over the backward lunges, my knees just wouldn't take it.  But I have noticed, that here on day four of the challenge, it was a little easier than day one!  WOOT! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now for the follow up letter

I went, I talked, I have no clue how it went.  I didn't get a good nor a bad vibe from the interview.  I got along very well with both of the interviewers.  I asked intelligent questions, I gave, I would hope, intelligent answers and let them know I was open to light traveling if needed.

I did hit a very positive note with one or both of them when one of them said first, "If you don't vote, don't complain."  I couldn't have agreed more, maybe I agreed to much but I am a strong believer that if you don't participate in the election process then you have no business complaining about it afterwards.  It's as simple as that.  You do have a voice, you can make a choice.

I will be taking Melissa back there this afternoon to register her to vote since she will be old enough to vote this year and they forgot to give me a registration form before I left.

I will write my follow up letter as well, get it checked by the teachers and hope for the best! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Here's a clue, it's free today only

When you are talking to me or anyone else on the phone for that matter, and for some reason the phone disconnects, be it your fault accidently or theirs, when you reconnect with that person, the first thing you should do is APOLOGIZE for any accidental disconnection, especially if you are a business and I am a customer and I CALL YOU back to let you know that I think you hung up on me.  The first words out of your mouth should be something to the effect of, "I'm so sorry about that, not sure why it disconnected but I certainly did not mean to accidently hang up on you." 

It should not be, "I didn't hang up on you."

"Well, yes you did, my phone went dead and it wasn't my phone that disconnected."


Oh, now you did it, I was already fustrated that you called me to tell me my insurance wouldn't pay for my eye exam and I couldn't find my card to have you verify it and then even if it was an accident, the hang up occured on your end and then you're going to argue with me?  ARE YOU INSANE?

Empire Vision in Big Flats just lost a loyal customer (been going there for several years) due to one person's inability to handle a simple customer service problem.  A simple apology at the very beginning of my conversation would have stopped me in my tracks, I would have kept my son's appointment and would have brought my daughter in to you next month when she needed a new pair of glasses.  But now, because you were rude, condesending and uppity with me, I don't care if my daughter's Godfather works there, you lost me as a customer and my children.  There is more than one vision center in this town.

I may end up more involved than I thought

Previously on Mad Thoughts I wrote that once I placed my vote my involvement with the local, state and federal government was pretty much a mute point unless it either directly involved me or was concerning an issue that is near and dear to my heart.  Well, tomorrow I have an interview with the Board of Elections and I am very excited that I might get to be a part of the process that does help this country govern and run.  I've been doing a little homework and I would like to really have a shot at this job.  It sound interesting, challenging and a really good fit for us as a family.  So wish me luck, send me good thoughts, pray for me if that's what you do, anything that will help me get this job would be appreciated! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poor James

Kid has the whole week off and he's sick. :(  He has a sore throat and is starting to lose his voice.   But something that makes him feel better is that his sisters have to go back to school this week!  Haha!

On a really positive note I got an interview with The Election Board for a job!  I'm very excited.  I think I'll go get my hair trimmed up this weekend and look for some new clothes to wear, mostly under garments, things to lift, smooth, you know ;)

So we are just kicking back this week and relaxing, healing and OMG, I really hate these Time Warner Digital Phone commercials.  Some of them are sorta cute but for the most part are just irritating.  I had digital phone and while it's nice, what's not nice is when the power goes out, guess what?  Yep, no phone service, not even 911, nothing.  That's why I just have the cell phones now, why pay for a land line at all when you have a cell phone already?

So anyway, you all have a nice day! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

I feel so lazy

I have been slacking off big time on the writing.  I just feel so lazy!  Not physically lazy as much as mentally lazy these days.  Physically I've been busy, even forced myself into the mall over the weekend, TWICE to spend some one on one time with each of my girls.  Saw a couple of movies and took them to dinner.  One at a time, first Ellie on Saturday and then Melissa on Sunday.  On Wednesday I'll probably do the same thing with James.  It wasn't too bad in the movies, found seats that were open and not a lot of people around both times so I was able to really enjoy the movies.

Saturday we went to Percy Jackson, The Lightening Thief.  It was good, really enjoyable, made me jump a few times and did make me laugh out loud as well.  Then on Sunday we went to see the Tooth Fairy.  Again, cute, funny and entertaining.  Duane Johnson is the only real man I know who could pull off a pink ballerina outfit and not look completely stupid, LOL!  And Julie Andrews and him on screen together was wonderful.  I can imagine what that set was like to work on! :)

And going to dinner afterwards, for a nation that's in a recession, there sure are a lot of people eating out.  I mean everywhere we went it was almost an hour wait, both nights.  Unreal!  But it's a good thing too I guess.

Today is a  lazy day.  I need to write another article for the Examiner column, am going to try to get that done today.  Going to write about a charity event that is happening later this week.  But mostly just going to kick back and relax. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crowds? Not for me, thank you

I really should check with someone or figure this out because my inability to deal with crowds is getting worse.  I really hate being around more than just my family anymore, which is really strange, I used to love going out, having fun with people, being a part of something larger.

I don't know if it's because I no longer feel the need to be in the middle of things (this used to be a real issue, COULD NOT stand the thought of being left behind) or if it's something more serious.  I just know I hate being in a room with more than 4 or 5 people unless it's a really large room.

The kids know that to get me to stay at the mall for more than an hour if it's crowded is close to a miracle and don't even ask me to take you there during the holidays.  And movies?  Only if they've been out for a while and the crowds have diminished.  If I take them during an opening week, another miracle.  Luckily they are old enough now I can send them with their friends and stay home.

I don't mind it as much if we are out in the open, large open spaces, outside are okay, or really big arenas are mostly okay, again as long as it's not standing room only.  I just don't know anymore if it's just old age or something in my head.  Guess I should have it checked out at some point, heh?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello there!

What a day!  Yesterday was a snow day, with actual snow!  Not a lot mind you, but we did finally get some snow that lasted longer than 24 hours, this might last all of 48 if it stays cold enough!  WOOHOO!

Today was back to normal.  Big yawn!  On the plus side we got a new (used) couch today, so all the couches that had the bed bugs are GONE!  The last one was completely wrapped up in plastic and duct tape but it still feels good knowing it's out of the house.  Next will be the mattresses that were invested.  But for now, the couches will do. :)

Also on the big yeah side, James got a new Ironman suit.  He paid for it himself or at least he will.  He borrowed the money from Terry and agreed to pay him back a little each week out of the money he earns for chores.  And I got my WACOM tablet!  Took me a bit to get it up and running right but when it does, WOOT! :)  I had to find and download a driver that would work with my system but I got it working.  I think I may get another one for Melissa for her drawing.  She really is good with just a laser mouse, imagine if I put an actual pen in her hand! :)

Otherwise, the world is quiet, the day is long and the room is cold, need to go put the heat up a bit.  Later alL!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here we gooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

What a day so far!  I got up early to get cleaned up since I have a mock interview in about 20 minutes and got out my good clothes, even bought a new pair of black pants for such occasions.  Put on my brand new purple top that I ordered over Christmas that my Mommy paid for (THANKS MOM!) as my present along with some other great clothes.  Went to stop at KMart for some knee high nylons, looked down and noticed that one of the buttons had fallen off my shirt!  *sigh*  "REALLY?!?!?!"

So I ended up buying a sweater, actually two sweaters, earrings and nylons for around $30.  I NEVER spend this type of money on myself, I can think of several other things that are more important, but I make myself feel better by knowing I got both sweaters on sale for about 1/2 off, so that's a plus! RIGHT?

So I am getting ready for this mock interview and I always have one problem with a question that seems ever so popular now.  "Tell me any bad qualities or negative aspects about yourself."

How are you supposed to answer that?  I mean honestly, I grew up in the time where you really pushed the positive, down played the negative or sugar coated and now you want me to tell you about my bad qualities?

Okay, here's one, I'm fat.  Yep, you heard me, I'm a big old fat mamma!  Do I plan on staying this way?  No, but it may affect my job if you require me to do a lot of physical work from the very beginning.  If we are just talking about a desk job, it shouldn't be a problem but if there's is a lot of physicality, then we have an issue.

Here's another one, I personally think this is a positive trait, but considering it has put some people off in recent jobs, it must just be me that thinks that way and that is I can be demanding in what I expect from my co-workers and anyone I am supervising.  Not in a negative way, mind you, but I have high standards when it comes to work and I expect others to have or follow those same standards at times.  I am always positive with co-workers and find positive ways to motivate them but because I can be so expectant of others, it has come across as a bit agressive at times.  OOOOOOOooooo, I like that one!

I have to say one thing here about my parents.  Bless their hearts and my mom may just say she's being honest when she doesn't consider herself a success, I still disagree.  She and my father taught me good values, how to respect others, how to work hard, how to always give your best each and every day that you work, no matter if you are the guy sweeping the floors or the person at the top of the management chain, walk away from work each and every day and know you have earned your money and you gave your job you best effort and attention.  So thanks Mom and Dad for the lessons and work ethics and values.

So, I'm going to go now, comb my hair, take a whiz and get ready for this interview thingy.  Wish me luck! :)

(Not the best pic, but you get the idea. :))

Monday, February 8, 2010

One time only

I know, I know, it’s been forever and a day since I posted. What can I say? Not much evidently, LOL! I’ve been lazy, just not really wanting to write and just wanting to relax and chill out. But something has been in the back of my mind as of late and you all can thank my mother for the following.

Now, I love my mother, I respect the very loving hell out of my mother for everything she has been through, survived and sets such a strong example for us kids to follow and have given us some very big shoes to fill but the truth of the matter is that I will probably never be as successful as my mother has been in her life and I’m okay with that. I have thought about this before and the truth of the matter is you can succeed at whatever you want to, IF you want to, that is the key.

Our society has become so focused on success and being a part of something bigger that for some of us who may not be as motivated or honestly care as much sometimes ends up feeling like slackers for the lack of a better word at this moment in time. I was taught a rule by my Grandma Smith when I was younger and that was basically that there are three subjects you want to avoid public discussion unless you are willing to either start an argument or be ready for one hell of a debate. Those three subjects are religion, politics and sex. Everyone has different opinions and unless it’s something you are really passionate about and truly think you can get others to listen to your opinion and change theirs, these are subjects best left silent.

Now, the weird part is that with the exception of religion, these subjects were never really talked about in our household while I was growing up. Religion was covered by my Grandma Smith and the other two; I can honestly say I do not remember being discussed either in a friendly debate or otherwise while I was growing up. So I was basically left to form my own opinions from what I experienced, heard and learned from several sources, school, news, or work.

Now, I do have opinions about all three of these subjects mind you and I’m going to share them this one time only and then as far as I’m concerned if you want share yours then you are more than welcome to do so but I can tell you right now, don’t expect me to suddenly change my mind on everything I have figured out after all these years. I am more than willing to listen to your opinions and take them into consideration but remember, we are all wired differently and sometimes we have to just agree to disagree on what we believe.

Let’s start with religion, this is a difficult discussion for me because quite honestly, the truth is, I believe there are forces at work in the universe that have some control in our lives, but do I believe in one God and one God only? No, not really. I know I DO NOT believe in the church system, pretty much no matter what religion you are talking about. A perfect example of this happened the other day when Ellie and I were in the car and I told her about something that happened to me at Tops. I had gone to the seafood department to get some salad, love that seafood salad, and the person behind the counter was a bit slow, physically slow, I’m sure the 300+ pounds on his frame did not help, I know it certainly doesn’t help me with speed. But that’s okay, I had time. I asked for a ¼ pound of the Neptune Salad and when he finally came back with the container he said, “So you want 2 pounds?”

“No, just ¼ pound, thank you,” I replied.

He said again, “No, you wanted 2 pounds.”

“No, I could never eat that much by myself, I’m the only one who eats it in my house.”

“I can see why,” he said.

I sat there for a second trying to figure out what he meant by that, considering I don’t know this person, he has no idea who lives in my house or anything about me. Then he said, “Because this stuff is horrible, I can’t stand it.”

Now when I told this story to Ellie she commented right after “I can see why,” comment with “OMG, how rude!” And then after the last comment he said, she said, “Oh, good save.”

I looked at her and said, “Now, see, there’s a perfect example of how people will see situations and interpret them differently. You thought I should be offended by the “I can see why” comment but in my eyes it was the last comment that offended me because he insinuated that I had bad taste. It’s like that in life; two people can watch a situation and see it from two completely different views because of what they believe or were taught.” Oh, and he was right about the salad, it wasn’t that good, I ended up tossing it.

It’s the same with religion; I once read on line that the Bible was written by man. Not by God, but by man or men in this case, I’m sure there was more than one author. And if you really wanted to dissect the Bible I’m sure you can find more contradictions than you could count in a lifetime. It is a book based on how a man or men saw situations. And I will guarantee you that should someone today see those same situations, they would have a completely different story to tell. Another good example of this is The Wizard of Oz. We all grew up with the L. Frank Baum version and with the epic motion picture but I dare you to read Wicked by Gregory Maguire and look at the originals the same way. He tells the story from the Wicked Witch’s point of view. He does this with a few other fairy tails and it’s fascinating to read and really stop and think about it from another angle. He makes you think twice about the childhood fairy tales you grew up with and gets you to open your eyes to another point of view.

It’s the same with religion, politics, and just about any subject. Everyone has their opinions and knows for sure just what is what. But then someone will come along with another point of view and if you listen with an open mind and an open heart you can learn to maybe adjust that thinking and expand and learn from them. So as far as religion goes, here is what I believe at this moment in time.

There is a God or Gods who sometimes play a hand in our fates, who make sure we are in certain places at certain times and that certain things happen. Some call it fate, some call it a coincidence, and some call it divine intervention. I call it Karma or fate. I believe in reincarnation and that where we are now, here on earth, is our hell, and when we finally get it right, we get to move on to the next plain of existence, not necessarily heaven per say but a more free spirit until we reach the final plain of existence where we get to put into play things that need to happen. I believe in spirits and ghosts and yes, I do believe in good and evil and that is all part of the spirits who play a part in our lives. But in the end, it is us, who make the final decisions if we are going to do the right thing or not. Human beings have moral compasses and should we choose to follow them, great, if not, then it was your choice, not anyone else's so don't go blaming your parents or teachers or friends for your decisions that don’t work out to your best advantage.

Now, on to politics. I really hate talking politics, as it follows the same vein as religion. Everyone will see things differently, no matter what you do. I’m not an extremely politically active person, probably never will be. I listen to the candidates when elections come up, I look at their history if they have been at the job but honestly, once they are elected, unless it’s a cause that is really close to my heart, I really don’t care what they are doing most of the time. For the 8 years that Bush was in office, he screwed this country up in more ways than imaginable. He got us into a war we had no business being in, he wasted and spent a surplus that Clinton left behind, he was unable to speak off the cuff without making a complete fool of himself, and I just personally could not stand the man. He left a mess, the economy tanked BEFORE he left office, it was his presidency that put this country in the financial mess it is now. And now everyone is saying President Obama is not doing what he promised. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU THINK HE WAS GOING TO DO? Come in and wave a magic wand and it would all be okay? For the LOVE OF GOD (if that’s what you believe) it’s only been a year! And to top it all off, his own party in the Senate and House have NOT backed him up like they could have/should have so just what did you think he was going to get done without his own party’s backing? Seriously? WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

I am a registered Democrat but I don’t follow the party blindly, I’m not a liberal, I’m not conservative, I’m a realist. I see what isn’t working and if there is anything I can do to help fix it, I will. If our healthcare system broken? Not completely, but dang, it’s headed for intensive care and fading fast. I am grateful to be in a state (NY) where they do offer health care for families and kids and EVERYONE can get it, some for free, some at a cost, depending on your income. But the cost is completely affordable. And it’s good coverage. Because without it, my kids would not have anything, nor would I and as a result James wouldn’t get the help he needs, nor would my daughters. And when they become ill or injured, I don’t have to ask myself, “How serious is this?” No one should ever have to ask that question. EVER!

As for the pay czar, I say, “ABOUT DAMN TIME!” Payroll for some of these upper management positions is completely out of control and if you want bailout money from the government because you SCREWED up in the first place, you sure as hell should NOT get a bonus for screwing up! I wish I got a bonus for every time I screwed up, I would never have to work again.

As for the rights of gays in the military and concerning marriage and being able to make decisions for their life partners. HELL YES! There is no difference between a homosexual relationship and a heterosexual relationship. NONE! They love each other the same, they care for each other, and they should have the same rights as every other individual in the country. To tell them they are morally wrong, that’s your opinion and should have absolutely NOTHING to do with the legal rights they should be able to enjoy just like everyone else in this country. So take the religious aspect out of this and what do you have? People just like you and me who deserve the same respect and dignity that we all receive.

And for those who think your civil liberties are being taken away and you are being spied on and that they are watching your every move. Do us all a favor and step away from the television, Movie Theater or DVR and WAKE UP! Honestly, unless you have done something that warrants “the man’s” attention, they really could care less what you are doing as well. There are not chips in your clothes that can track you everywhere you go, there is no camera in the sky that is watching your every move and even if there was, do you really think they are watching you? Because if you do, then you have something to hide and you better put on your aluminum foil hat, draw the black shades and hide in your lead lined basement before they get you!

The final subject, sex. When done properly, it can be an orgasmic experience. When done improperly, it can be the most boring 5 minutes of your life.

So my advice to you is to get up, get out and enjoy your life. It’s too damn short in the larger scheme of things and while you should always pay attention to what is happening in the world out there with your government but unless you are wired to start a revolution or really become involved and be a shaker and mover, just enjoy what you have, live your life to the fullest and remember to tell those that mean the most to you that you love them daily and that it’s the last thing they always hear from you, because you just never know when it’s your time to move on to the next life or plain of existence or what ever it is that you believe in. Enjoy the fact that you can enjoy your life to the fullest and pretty much do what ever you want to and that it's not decided for you like some countries.

So Mom, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! And I LOVE MY KIDS, MELISSA, ELLIE & JAMES!!! :) You are the coolest kids a mom could ask for! :)

In conclusion I respectfully request from all my family and friends, please don’t bring these subjects up with me again, I have more important things to focus my energy and time on then debates of these nature. Things like where I’m going to find more Necco Sweethearts, the Dollar Tree ran out!!!! :) That and my kids, they are my main concern right now. :) Oh and don't start with how we are screwing up their future, everyone has said that for generations and yet, we all seem to get along just fine. Maybe that's a bit ignorant on my part which would explain why I can't stand myself sometimes, either that or I forgot to take a shower again. Who knows? Who honestly cares?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Okay, good day today.  It was a little rough after school but we all went to get school supplies and find doggie diapers for Lolli.  We all went, including Terry and he treated us to dinner at Bob Evans in Corning.  I convinced James to ask to speak to Bob at Evan's house, LOL!  We had a lot of fun but the best part was when Terry started telling the girls about the Spaghetti Factory and a picture he saw in the menu of the people picking the spaghetti noodles from the trees.  The next lines out of my girls' mouths had me laughing so hard, they both said, "You mean spaghetti doesn't grow in the ground?"  I asked them both if they were serious and they said yes.  They were totally serious and now believed that it grows on trees.  It took me several different approaches before I got them to realize that their dad was pulling their legs.  I was just in tears over this.  Then I felt bad that I have two teenage daughters who had no clue how spaghetti was made, LOL!

That is all for tonight, getting late. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I made it!!

It's not midnight yet!!!  Well, today was a good day, a so-so day and a *heh* you can keep it kind of day, so in all reality a regular day.  Found a job I actually want to apply for!  Yeah!  Now to get a resume together, that's the hard, sucky part, used to be so much easier.  But I am going to have to suck it up and get it done cuz the deadline for the application is Monday and tomorrow is the last day of school for this week unless I want to head up there for the night class.  Which I don't.

The so-so part was just general every day stuff.  And the sucky part was doing taxes.  I'm not getting near the refund I got last year so my hope to go to Montana trip this summer is not going to happen, which really sucks but hey, what you gonna do?  You gotta pay the damn bills and stuff otherwise they shut it all off and then were are you?  In the dark like a mushroom and being fed the same shit as the mushroom because it's all you can afford. 

I could go by myself just for my class reunion but I"m not sure who would hurt me more if I did, my kids or my mom for not bringing my kids, but then again, we can party more without the kids.....................LOL!  J/K, I wouldn't dream of taking a trip like that without my kids.  I just have to find my rich sugar daddy and soon dammit!  Guess I better actually start going out in public again, heh?

Well, I have got to get some sleep, I'm so tired and I have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow!  Later all!

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Month, no sleep

I just can't seem to get to sleep tonight, though I should really be trying since I am the ONLY one who has to go to school tomorrow!  Someone want to explain to me how that happened?  Yeah, I can't either.

Rough night tonight, Melissa is having privacy issues, didn't come right out and say she no longer wants to share a room with James but let me know how upsetting it is to her to have him get into her stuff all the time.  I know how she feels considering she did that to me for years.  Well, one thing led to another and before you knew it she was having a mini melt down.  On the positive side, I didn't have one with her!  Yeah!  First time for everything, I just let her basically vent, threw in a comment here and there and let her get it out of her system.

But I do think it's time I figured out some other sleeping arrangements.  I can't put her and Ellie in a room together as I know they would plot killing each other in their sleep so I think I shall move James out to the living room with me again and take it from there.  Give her some space and real privacy.  No clue how we are going to set this up but we will figure it out.